Between goats and gods

Being fascinated since childhood by the powerful stories about the dazzling family of the ancient greek gods living in their mystical home up in the sky, I had been familiar with „The Olymp“, before I even understood that Mount Olympos is a real mountain.

Having grown up, the fascination for the mythology remained, and love for mountains, for their beauty and the unique feeling hiking or climbing in their clear and wide air, brought me finally to this magic place of my childhood…

Mount Olympos is a dream destination for people from all countries that wish to be at least once near Zeus´ famous throne. An impressive outstanding line of rocky peaks builds the center of attraction within the mountain massif, its summit rises almost 3000 meters above the plain, just 10 km away from the Aegean Sea.

So during summer days it is quite busy up there. But after the last tourists have been sliding down from the steep rocks and disappeared in the late afternoon, the place becomes silent, and the gathering white clouds bring back peace to the mountain. The lower and softlier shaped slopes that surround the grey stony peaks, capture the late sunlight and open space to magic and mysticism.